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Printing with or without relief

Sublimation of patches is a full-color printing process that allows for any color and gradient on your patch. Sublimated patches are made of a polyester twill background on which the sublimation takes place. Thus, you can not feel any relief touching the sublimated badges.

On the other hand, sublimation printing can also be done on a 100% embroidered patch with a white polyester thread. A 100% embroidered sublimated patch therefore obtains the relief and firmness of an embroidered patch while allowing the printing of small details and many colors, like the classic sublimated patch.

Sublimated Patches
Sublimated Patches

The essence of sublimation of patches lies, of course, in the perfect printing of the pattern of your choice on the front.

But the manufacture of sublimated patches does not stop at the reproduction of your logo.

After their printing by sublimation, the finishing of your choice is added to the outline of your sublimated badges.

Merrow border

Merrow border

Embroidery around the edges of the patches, similar to piping.

Laser cut

Laser cut

Precise cutting of the contour for a "smooth" effect.

There are several ways to attach your sublimated patches to your clothing. Some are permanent, others are removable.

Maybe your patches with sublimation are not intended to be worn on fabric.

In any case, there is always a type of backing that suits your needs!

Heat-seal backing

Heat-seal backing

Do you have a high-temperature press? Use it to permanently attach your patches to garments without sewing.
The back of your patches has a heat-seal layer that will fuse with the fabric under the heat and pressure of your press.

No backing

No backing

Perfect for sewing your patch onto a garment. We will not provide any special finish on the back of the patch to facilitate needle sewing.
Please note that some threads may remain visible.

Velcro M


Removable at will, the patch with velcro offers you total freedom. Just a simple "scratch"... and it can be easily removed or firmly attached to your garments!
Tip: Remember to choose the color of your hook & loop based on the color of the garment where your patch will be placed. This way, the velcro won't stand out from the fabric when you remove your patch.

Self-adhesiv backing

Self-adhesiv backing

Like a sticker, stick your patch on your garments and move it as you like!
The patch with self-adhesive backing can be stuck and removed multiple times... without excessive use! The delicacy of the adhesive surface exposes it to some wear and tear.

Plastic backing

Plastic backing

The back of the patches is covered with a plastic layer that ensures a clean and perfect finish.
Its main advantage? Your patch perfectly conforms to the fabric, making sewing easier!

Sublimated patch

Why choose the sublimated patch?

Sublimated Patches

No relief

Patches with sublimation are made by printing your logo onto a polyester twill, which means they remain smooth like a regular piece of fabric.

Soft touch

Only the backing and the front fabric give thickness to sublimated patches. As a result, they more flexible than patches with an embroidered layer.

Reproduction of small details & texts

Thanks to sublimation, small letters and fine details can be printed on sublimated patches, whereas they could not be embroidered with other types of patches.

Full-color printing

Your image is printed on your sublimated patches just as you send it to us. There are no color limitations to consider.

100% embroidered sublimated patch

Why choose the 100% embroidered sublimated patch?

Sublimated Patches

Slight raised design

Embroidery covering 100% of the patch surface creates a slight palpable relief on the 100% embroidered patch with sublimation.

Soft touch

Unlike regular sublimated patches, the additional layer of embroidery provides more thickness and rigidity to 100% embroidered patches with sublimation.

Combination of printing & embroidery

The 100% embroidered sublimated patch combines the freedom of printing with theappearance and texture of embroidery. It is the only one to offer these characteristics.

Full-color printing

Your image is printed on your 100% embroidered sublimated patches just as you send it to us. There are no color limitations to consider.

Your quote in 4 steps

Choose all the features of your future patches and ask for your free quote online!

1. Type & shape

Embroidered or in PVC? Round or rectangular? Set the main characteristics of your patches!

2. Front & back finishes

Choose the border type and the backing!

3. Size & quantity

Specify the size and the quantity you need!

4. Design upload

Upload the design you want to customise your patches!

Useful information about patches with sublimation

The cost of sublimated patches varies depending on their characteristics. For instance, a 2cm diameter patch will cost less than a 10cm diameter patch. To provide you with a custom quote, we need to know the details of your project. You can use our free quote request system on this website, which will guide you through 4 steps to choose the characteristics of your sublimation patches.

We sublimate patches from 25 identical pieces, which is the lowest minimum order quantity on the market. Of course, we also handle large volume orders.

The first step is to submit an online quote request. You will then receive a custom quote within 48 hours. If you are satisfied with our price offer, you can confirm it to initiate the order. Before starting the full production, we will email you a photo of the first sublimated patch for your approval. Once you validate it, the rest of the order will be produced.

We deliver badges with sublimation printing worldwide. To know the shipping costs, please provide your address in the last step of the quote request process. The quote you receive will include the shipping fees.

Yes, absolutely! We offer 5 different backing finishes for your sublimated patches, including heat-seal patch with sublimation.

There are several types of backing finishes, and each involves a different method of attachment to clothing. Some allow the patch to be "stuck" to the clothing, while others require sewing. Please visit our backing finishes description page to learn more.

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