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Patches with velcro back finish


The velcro patch is perfect for creating removable patches. All you need is a piece of female velcro sewn onto a garment to receive the patch with male velcro on the back. We can provide velcro-backed patches with or without female velcro.

Tip: Choose the color of your velcro according to the color of the garment where your patch will be placed. This way, the velcro will not stand out from the fabric when you remove your patch.

Available for:

Badges with plastic viseline backing

Plastic backing

A layer of plastic is applied to the back of your patches, providing a smooth finish that solidifies the patch.

This option is ideal for custom patches that are not meant to be placed on garments.

Available for:

Patches with self-adhesive viseline back finish

Self-adhesive backing

The self-adhesive patches can be stuck and removed as you neededmaking it easy to move your patch around.

As with any sticker, it is best to limit the number of times you stick and unstick the sticker patches to what is strictly necessary. The adhesive tends to wear off over time with frequent removal and reapplication.

Available for:

Patches with heat seal viseline back finish

Heat-seal backing

Heat seal patches allows you to firmly bond your badges to the textile using a high temperature press.

Heat sealing does not require any sewing to attach your patches. However, the heat of a high temperature press is required to permanently bond the heat seal patches.

Available for:

Badges without back finish

No backing

Your patches can be made without any specific backing, making it ideal for sewing your patch onto the fabric.

The lack of a backing makes it easier to pass a needle through the patch. For patches made of threads and fabric, some threads may remain visible on the back. For PVC badges, the back side is simply smooth.

Available for:

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