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We are located in Belgium, near Namur. Our team is available to assist you in French, German, Dutch and English!

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The E-cusson.com website is dedicated to the customisation of patches. You can order your custom patches by starting with a custom-made quote. Everything is done online with simplicity until your patches are delivered.

To create your custom patch, you need to prepare your logo in vector format. You can then send it to us when you request a quote online. From your file, we will create a mock-up that will serve as the basis for creating your custom patch. Then, we will make a first sample and send you its picture by email.

After your confirmation, the rest of your patches will be created.

You can choose from 6 types of custom patches:

  • Embroidered patches
  • Woven patches
  • Sublimated patches
  • 100% embroidered sublimated patches
  • 2D PVC patches
  • 3D PVC patches

Specifications and offers a different rendering to your customisation. Browse our website to learn more and find the right patch type for you!

The material of custom patches varies by type. PVC patches are made of plastic, while fabric and threads are used for embroidered and woven patches. For sublimated patches, polyester is required to receive the print.

The composition of custom patches also depends on the backing chosen. For example, the velcro on the patches is made of nylon. Indeed, it is made up of small plastic hooks and loops. Most backings are also made of plastic.

Yes, sublimation allows you to print an image or logo to create a custom patch. For sublimated patches, we use four-color printing to reproduce the image you send us. Visit our dedicated page to learn more about our 2 types of sublimated patches!

A custom patch can take place on your clothes, a cap, a bag or any fabric. Simply choose the attachment system that suits you best and use it to wear your patches. For example, the velcro patch allows you to sew the female side on your clothes to apply the patch and its male velcro.

The price of custom patches depends on several factors. In particular, the type of patches, their size, quantity, etc.

To help you estimate the cost of your project, we have set up an online tool to get a precise quote. In just a few short steps, fill in each parameter that influences the final price and our team will get back to you with a free quote!

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We adapt to your needs, both for large orders and smaller ones! Any order of embroidered, woven or sublimated patches requires a minimum quantity of 25 identical pieces. For 2D and 3D PVC patches, the minimum is 50 pieces.

Request a quote

Once the order is confirmed, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for us to manufacture your custom patches, and they will arrive at your doorstep!

To order customised patches, first request a quote from our website. You will then receive a customised price offer. If you are satisfied with the quote, simply confirm your order by email!

Before production, a press proof will be sent to you by email to avoid any concerns about details. With your confirmation, the production of your custom patches will begin.

Request a quote

We don't want to waste your time. Therefore, the online request for a quote for your patch creation is broken down into 6 simple steps: 1min30 and you're done!

If you prefer to order in another way, please make sure to provide us with the following information:

  • Patch shape
  • Border and back finish
  • Dimensions
  • Area covered by your logo
  • Quantity
  • Desired delivery time
  • And any useful contact information

Request a quote

Ideally, send us your logo in .eps, .pdf or .ai vectorized format. But you can also send it in convenient .jpg or .bmp formats. For example, all you have to do is scan your current logo and send it to us as it is.

If you are unable to send your logo via this website, please email it to us at info@e-cusson.com. To ensure we can process it correctly, don't forget to mention your name and "logo patch" in the subject line.

A problem? Just give us a call, and we will explain the process in detail.

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There are two payment options:

  • By bank transfer
  • By check

Choose the method that suits you best!

Once attached to your clothing, the patches can be washed in the washing machine with their clothes, ideally at 30 or 40°C maximum. When ironing the garment, avoid going over the back and front of the patch with the iron. If your custom patch is removable, remove it from the garment before putting it in the machine.

As a reseller, you can benefit from privileged access to our extranet, allowing you to track your price offers and orders. You can also place new orders and request price offers.

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Our team is available at +32 (0) 81 715 000 or by email at info@e-cusson.com to answer any questions you may have regarding your custom patch project!