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Embroidered patches

For organisations and individuals

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Looking for a way to personalise your clothes & uniforms with your logo, pattern, emblem or coat of arms? Adopt the thinness, nobility and elegance of the embroidered patch!

Creating embroidered badges to sew or to stick is the best way to stand out and to show that you are proud to be part of a:

  • Fans group
  • Emergency or police service
  • Youth movement
  • Motorcycle club
  • Or other club or association

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Thread embroidered patches

Threads & fabrics for your embroidered patches

Embroidered patches 100% similar

The key to create an embroidered badge is to use threads and fabrics with the right colours so that your patches will have nearly the same visual rendering as your initial pattern, logo or image.

To produce your embroidered patches, we use a wide range of fabrics and threads with 237 colours. This wide palette allows us to assign the best colour to each part of your embroidered badges for a high-quality result!

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Top-quality front side

The front side is probably the most important part of your embroidered patches. That's why you can choose the fabric you want as basis for the creation of your embroidered patches... However, that is not all!

According to your preferences, you can also choose between 2 kinds of borders:

  • Merrow border
    Embroidered outline finish
  • Laser cut
    Clear-cut for a "smooth" effect on the outline

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Embroidered patches

Back finish of your choice

Even if it is not apparent, the backing plays a vital role in the durability of your embroidered badges. It must match perfectly with what you intend to do. Many possibilities are available. Choose according to your needs for:

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Embroidered patches with velcro


Removable at will, the Velcro embroidered patch offers you total freedom. A simple “scratch”... and it is removed or installed!

The little trick of Match the colour of your velcro with the colour of your clothes where your badges will take place. In this way, nobody will notice the velcro on your fabric when patch is removed!

Embroidered patches with plastic backing

Plastic backing

Main advantage? Your embroidered patch just fits into the fabric. And sewing it becomes very easy!

Embroidered patches with self-adhesive backing

Self-adhesive backing

The straightforward adaptation of the principle of the sticker. With a huge advantage after pasted on the garment, you can move your embroidered patch whenever you want. Without, however, exaggerate... The smoothness of the self-adhesive surface is exposed to some wear.

Embroidered patches with heat-seal backing

Heat-seal backing

You choose a small embroidered patch or a special shape? This technique allows you to fix your patch easily. First, attach your patch to the garment by ironing. And then, sew it effortlessly!

Embroidered patches without backing

No backing

In this case, your patch has no special backing and threads are apparent on the back of the badge.

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Our custom patches per sector

Discover examples of custom patches

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Thread embroidered patches

Ready to create your custom patches?

Ready to create your custom patches?

Personnalise your patches

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