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An answer to all your questions about the embroidered patches!

1. Why work with us?

Just because we are the specialists of the embroidered badges on the French market in Europe. And you benefit from our expertise at the best value for money. You say it well. You prove it is even better. Check out our gallery and get a better idea of what we can do for you too.

2. Who should I contact?

Our sales team is at your service at +32 (0) 81 715 000. Need more information about our company? Visit the Quatrième Dimension, our parent company.

3. How much cost my badge?

Opt for comfortable solution and ask for a free personalized quote via this site. But you can also call us, fax us or contact us by e-mail. We guarantee a prompt response to your request.

Phone : +32 (0)81 715 000
Fax : +32 (0)81 715 009
E-mail : info@4dimension.be

4. How do I order?

You have received this quote and you want to put in an order: contact us by e-mail, telephone or fax.

Then, you'll receive an order confirmation.

A question, a doubt about a detail, the quality of your patch? Have a look at our gallery and check our skills. => Have a look at our gallery

However, if you want a preview of your badge before production, we can send it by e-mail for price of 10 €.

5. What information do I provide?

We do not want you to lose time ... therefore we need only minimal information to send you our best offer. Create your patch, step by step, asking a free quote online.

If you prefer to order in an other way, please give us this full information:

  • the shape of your badge,
  • the kind of border you want and the backing,
  • his size,
  • his percentage of embroidery,
  • the quantity you want (min. 25 pieces),
  • the date that you want to be delivered,
  • and all the information to contact you.

6. In what format should I send my logo?

The ideal is to send us the format\\\\\\\\\\\\".EPS\\\\\\\\\\\\" vectorized. But you can also do the practical sizes \\\\\\\\\\\\"jpg\\\\\\\\\\\\" or \\\\\\\\\\\\"BMP\\\\\\\\\\\\". You can also scan your existing logo and send it by e-mail as it is.

7. I can not send my logo via the website ... Help!

Sometimes IT has its mysteries! If you can not send your logo via the website, send us an e-mail info@4dimension.be. For us to properly treat, do not forget to mention also the name of your company and \\\\\\\\\\\\\"logo patch\\\\\\\\\\\\\". If you have a problem, just call us and we will explain in detail how to proceed.

8. How can I pay for my order?

By bank transfer or you can pay by cheque. And very soon, through this site.

9. How much can I order?

You set the limit to suit your needs... We begin production of your embroidered badges from 25 pieces.

10. When will I receive my badges?

Allow 2 to 3 weeks of delay after the confirmation of your order. Your badges are delivered to you without worrying about anything.

11. How to pay?

Payment is via bank transfer (bank details are at the bottom of each mail) or by cheque before delivery.

12. I am a reseller.

Simply open an account in our extranet. (to this, thank you to contact us at info@4dimension.be)

You can control the process of your quotes / orders but also new requests of price and new orders.

13. Other questions?

You still have a question? You want personal advice? Contact us! Our specialists are at your service to answer fully.